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Upcoming Teacup trials

Memorial Weekend 2024

Karen Pelkey, Wildomar, CA
May 26, 2024
May 27, 2024

Join us enjoying Karen's great courses again! Sunday we will have 3 standard classes and 2 games (Wild Card and Senility Agility-Erase That Fault!), and Monday will be 2 standard classes and 3 games (Jackpot-Non-traditional, Looper, and 40 Yard Dash).

Here are the game descriptions!

Wildcard is a numbered course in which at three intervals in the course the handler must make a choice of two obstacles. Wildcard is scored Points, then Time. (ER12)

Senility Agility – Erase That Fault Variation - is a numbered course where the handler has the opportunity to erase any fault the dog incurs. Scoring is Points, then Time. (ER12)

Jackpot – Non-traditional - is a point accumulation game with a distance challange. Scoring is Points, then Time. (ER2) Looper is a numbered course in which the dog is directed to perform a numbered set of obstacles twice. Scoring is Time, Plus Faults. (ER5)

Forty Yard Dash is a simple speed race in which a dog will race 40 yards in a down-and-back. The Forty Yard Dash is scored Time, plus Faults. (ER5)

Learn more about these games by reading Houston's Book of Agility Games, 5th Edition, by Bud Houston. The link above goes to the ebook on the TDAA website - free of charge!

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