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Wynn Wood, IAABC-ADT 

Therapy Dogs, CGC Evaluator


Growing up in rural Oklahoma gave Wynn a lot of time and opportunities to

become close with a variety of animals, horses, goats, chickens, and most impactful: lots of dogs. The animals they encountered early in youth taught them so much about patience and how to work with and around animals without the use of force.

In high school Wynn was faced with the challenge of dealing with a number of new disabilities. It also presented them with the opportunity to benefit from a service dog. These life events sent them down the path to becoming a professional dog trainer. Wynn has learned under a number of trainers and a number of philosophies before coming across L.I.M.A. and the community of reward based trainers with whom they count themselves a proud member.


In November of 2020 Wynn was able to show a mastery over how dogs learn and humane training practices to earn the title of Accredited Dog Trainer from the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. Gaining this auspicious title has only propelled them to commit themselves to staying up to date with the science and honing the practice of welfare based dog training.

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