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Special Events

Please note our payment and cancellation policy for workshops: Full payment of the workshop fee is required upon booking. If you cancel 7 days or less before the workshop there is a cancellation fee of 50% of the workshop fee. No refunds 72 hours or less before the workshop. 

Upcoming Workshops/Special Events

Reactive Rover Workshop

For one day only, Eric Sanford of Savvy Dog will be joining us for a Reactive Rover Workshop. Eric has learned from and worked with multiple top animal behaviorists and trainers, combining their knowledge to teach dog owners the newest methods and most successful paths of using positive reinforcement to support many aspects of dog training.

In this one-time, two-and-a-half hour workshop, you will learn all about how dogs think and learn, how they can develop triggers, and the best techniques to change their emotions about those triggers. Learn management, skills, and training techniques to walk your dog more peacefully. Build your dog’s ability to stay calm in the presence of other dogs and people. You will learn a lot about what your dog’s body language is telling you and how to listen to it, how to teach your dog to relax, exercises and games to help change behavior around other dogs, how to manage walks to reduce reactions, and how to keep your dog’s attention. You will also get to meet and share experiences with other dog owners experiencing similar issues.

This class has both Working Spots and Auditing Spots available. Working Spots are for students who will bring their dog with them for the class, and will have the opportunity to work with their dogs and the trainer in the classroom. Auditing Spots are for students who wish to attend without their dog.

The first portion of class will be a discussion of the dogs' situations, triggers, avoidance, etc. with lots of time for questions, and will not include a lot of work with the dogs. After a brief break, the remainder of the class will include students who have booked a Working Spot (with their dog in attendance) working with their dogs on the exercises presented in class, while those who have booked an Auditing Spot (without their dog in attendance) will have the opportunity to observe.

Sunday, February 18, 2024
5:45 PM
1st Session: 
Working Spot: $
Audit Spot: $
2nd Session:
8:30 PM


The 4th of July can be very hard for some of our pets! Fireworks can be frightening. While there's not enough time to truly help them for this year, we have some great ideas!

Join us on the 4th anytime between 12 and 5 to give your dog some exercise (tire them out physically), learn about dog sports (make them think, tire them out mentally!), and learn how different sports and activities can help them throughout the year!


We will also be having a short talk every hour about how to work with your dog in this coming year to overcome concerns about loud sounds which will be helpful on New Year's Eve too! 

Come for 90-min time slots for $15! You can pre-purchase your pass or come and pay at the door.


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