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Vicki Russell, LMP, CDT, SAMP



"I started my career 20 years ago as a Human Massage Practitioner (LMP) and have evolved into the dog word which I am delighted to be a part of.  In addition to this I am a Certified Dog Trainer and spend many hours with great dogs and their people.  I also volunteer at a no kill animal shelter where I get to use my skills to help these dogs become even more adoptable.


Why give your dog a massage?

The benefits of massage are wide and include soothing sore muscles, reducing stress, increasing flexibility and range of motion, supporting mental focus, improving muscle memory, flushing waste products from the body, helps to improve circulation, speeds recovery from injury, aids in the early detection of performance issues, strengthens the immune system and helps to reduce the effects of age related conditions such as arthritis.


Massage is a great addition to any dog's life.  Whether your dog is an active sporting dog, a trusted service dog, an elderly non-active dog or just your best friend who deserves a little TLC massage has it's place in every dog's life!

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