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Does “indoor herding” sound interesting? Try our Treibball class! Your dog (and you!) will learn the skills necessary to enjoy the sport of Treibball. Dogs learn to “herd” a ball (only using shoulders and paws) into a “goal”. Much of beginning treiball is harnessing your dog’s natural instinct, and directing it to this fun game. See some Treibball in this video!

Using positive reinforcement methods, which increase your dog’s enthusiasm for learning and working with you, your dog will learn to move the ball only with their nose. As with any dog sport, the fundamentals is where we start. In Treibball, that is teaching your dog to go out away from you and take a position behind the ball. Pushing only happens on cue! So actual ball-pushing comes in the later weeks of class.

Prerequisites: Basic obedience or instructor permission. The desire to have fun with your dog!

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  • Introduction to Treibball Skills - This 6-week class introduces you and your dog to Treibball, and the skills that you'll need to succeed!     Cost: $185

  • Advanced Treibball Skills - Now that you have the skills, go deeper into the sport with trainer Eric Sanford (who happens to be the President of the  National Association of Treibball Enthusiasts). Refine your skills, learn strategy and get familiar with the rules of the game.             Cost: $185

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