Our Trainers

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Eric Sanford

Eric Sanford and Savannah (Savvy)

Alisa Sibley, KPA-CTP

Alisa Sibley, KPA-CTP and Lola

Kaitlyn Hoffman

Kaitlyn Hoffman and her pups!

Robin Carlstrom, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP

Robin Carlstrom, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP and Tuvok


Marian Sweeney

Elizabeth Stone

Elizabeth Stone and Finn

Jessica & Finn

Jessica & Finn enjoying Parkour


Christine Bass, KPA-CTP with Ezri & Pepper


Hannah Halpern, KPA-CTP & Russell

Nicole and Sydney

Nicole Hayes and Sydney

Alexis & Molly

Alexis Brinkley, CSS & Molly

Natalie Baker

Natalie Baker

Catherine Brueckner, CSS

Catherine Brueckner, CSS

Sandy Cox

Sandy Cox and Tokahe

Wynn Wood, IAABC-ADT

Wynn Wood, IAABC-ADT