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Therapy Dog Training


Do you want to make people smile? Is your dog a social butterfly with people of all different backgrounds? If your answer to both questions is a resounding yes, join us for Therapy Dog training at Four Paws Sports Center! 

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Therapy Dog Training Prep Class for New Teams - in 3 parts!
  • What is a Therapy Dog? - Workshop prerequisite for classes (human only)

This 90 min workshop will cover what the different definitions mean, what training will be required, what certification(s) may be required and how to obtain those, and what makes a great Therapy dog. Learn about the coming classes you will take with your dog and what will be necessary to work on outside of class to become a successful Therapy Dog team. You will have plenty of time to ask questions!               Cost: $35

  • Therapy Dog - Working the Basics (Level 1)

In this six week long course, for an hour each week will work on the skills necessary for any successful therapy dog team. This will include polished basic obedience like sit and down, and the foundations of skills like targeting and relaxation techniques that will make visits a breeze no matter the setting.  Note: Above workshop is prerequisite; also, dogs attending should have passed the Canine Good Citizen test. If you failed only the separation part of the test, that would qualify for this course.                      Cost: $250

  • Therapy Dog - Real World Application (Level 2)

This 6 week long, 1 hour per week class will be testing your new-found skills in a real setting (near Four Paw) so you can see how your dog relates in a different world. You'll debrief after your visit and define what areas need more focus. The goal of this class is to become a Certified Therapy Dog Team through Love On A Leash.  Note: Prerequisite Working the Basics Level 1 or instructor permission.                   Cost: $250

What are you looking for?

There's so much confusion surrounding the terms of Service Dog, Therapy Dog, and Emotional Support Animal. Thanks to for putting together a great blog post with a very informational graphic to explain the differences and answer common questions! In general:

  • Service Dog - trained to do specific task(s) for ONE person, has ADA access privileges

  • Therapy Dog - provides support to OTHERS, trained for excellent manners in unique situations

  • Emotional Support Animal - provides emotional support to ONE person, requires an annual letter from a medical professional stating need and confirms a mental health condition. No ADA access. Please note rules for ESA's on airplanes have changed dramatically. Most airlines are not permitting them; check with your carrier.

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