Therapy Dog Training

Have you always found your dog to be a calming influence on you? Does he/she enjoy meeting new people? If so, you can become a therapy dog team, and enter facilities like hospitals and nursing homes to help those residents enjoy a moment with a dog. Many people in situations like that have had to leave behind a dog that has been a lifetime companion. Help ease the lonliness and stress!


However, becoming a team is  bit of an intense process. There are the legal requirements (vacinnations, HIPAA laws) as well as just general protocol (dress, behavior.) This class concludes with an evaluation as required by K9to5 National Therapy Dog Registry. A great quote from their website: "At K9to5 National Dog Therapy Registry, we want to bring the healing effect of dogs’ unconditional love into the lives of more people." 

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Therapy Dog Training Prep Class for New Teams
  • Therapy Dog Training for New Teams


Class Prerequisites: Loose Leash Walking evaluation & Canine Good Citizen Certificate   (you can get that with us here!)


Class format: Each class is lecture/powerpoint slides & practical work with the teams. In this 8 week session, weeks 1-6 are in-house at a training facility, and works on skills for dog and handler, required vaccinations for the dog, understanding HIPAA protocol, appropriate dress, demeanor, and responsibilities to your dog, the facility, residents & staff. Note: Due to occassional scheduling conflicts, holidays or vacation, this session may actually stretch to 10 weeks. Be prepared for the time committment.


Week 7 is a 10-minute scheduled visit / evaluation in a facility by each team (if ready).

Weeks 8 is back in the training facility to continue refining skills, check your applications, and answer any last-minute questions.


A minimum of TWO successful evaluations are required to become a registered Therapy Dog team with K9to5 National Therapy Dog Registry. For more information about the registry and evaluations, see:


Evaluations: Week 7 is on the weekend. The second (and third, if necessary) evaluations may be held on a weekday. The schedule & location of evaluations is published by the third week of class.


Prerequisites to become a registered K9to5 National Therapy Dog team:

• Must possess the Canine Good Citizen certificate (must be after one year of age)

• Working on a flat buckle or cloth martingale collar (no harnesses or head halters)

• Proof of attendance in a higher level class:

• Obedience 102, Advanced Obedience 201, Rally Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, or Therapy Dog Training Class, OR

• Have shown and titled in Obedience or Rally Obedience & have title

• Have current vaccinations: DHPPL, Rabies, and recent negative fecal test

Cost of Evaluations (3/$25) is not included in cost of class, and is paid to Evaluator at time of the first test.

Therapy Dog Prep is usually held in the Spring and the Fall/Winter, and we will start up one as soon as we get enough interest. Click on the green button to email us your interest, and get the start on helping others!               Cost: $230

What are you looking for?

There's so much confusion surrounding the terms of Service Dog, Therapy Dog, and Emotional Support Animal. Thanks to for putting together a great blog post with a very informational graphic to explain the differences and answer common questions! In general:

  • Service Dog - trained to do specific task(s) for ONE person, has ADA access privileges

  • Therapy Dog - provides support to OTHERS, trained for excellent manners in unique situations

  • Emotional Support Animal - provides emotional support to ONE person, requires an annual letter from a medical professional stating need and confirms a mental health condition. No ADA access.