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TDAA Judges Clinic - October 2014

Clinic: October 9th-10th                           Trial: October 11th-12th, 2014


Have you wondered what it takes to become an agility judge?

Has course design fascinated you?

What makes a good course?

How can understanding course design better improve your handling skills?

If any of these questions have crossed your mind, why not become a Teacup judge? It's a fun way to learn course design, and what it takes to put on a trial. It's a "behind the scenes" view that will ultimately help you become a better handler. At the end, you could become a Teacup Judge! Our Clinic will be run by Bud Houston, and there is much to be learned.



  • $250 - New Judges Clinic covers

    • rules for standard agility and games in TDAA

    • course design

    • practical judging in a trial setting

    • trial administration

  • $175 - TDAA Judges Continuing Education

    • For current TDAA Judges seeking re-certification or continuing education

  • $75 - AuditorsFor auditors such as TDAA members, representatives of TDAA clubs, or TDAA exhibitors looking to learn more

    • No exam is required

    • Auditors do not need to attend the judges training during the trial on Saturday and Sunday - but are encouraged to participate in the trial to see how the courses worked on play out in real life!


Lunch both days is included for the the new and re-certifying judges.

Click here for the application form. Checks will be payable to TDAA. Call if you have any questions!

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