Rally Obedience

Have you wanted an activity that will get you bonding with your dog and you out and doing something fun?  Join us to get in on one of the newer and increasingly popular activities to do with your dog!  


Rally could be for you!  You and your dog will begin to work as a team, and work up to navigating a rally course.  Rally builds on individual obedience skills and puts them all together in a course. 

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Our Rally Obedience Classes
  • Rally Basics & Beyond - Whether you're brand new to rally or have worked on it before, this class is for you. Take basic obedience skills (sit, down, heel) and put them together in a fun course format. Talk to your dog all you want during this! Work on the skills critical to success in Rally at any level - attention heeling, sit, down, stand and more. We will work on the precision footwork rally requires, as well as the Novice signs and course format. If you're ready, we'll start on the skills & signs for the next level. We work with you and your dog where you're at!
    Dogs must have basic obedience skills of loose leash walking, sit, down, etc.   Cost: $185

  • Cyber Rally-O! - Have you always wanted to compete in Obedience with your dog, but are hesitant to bring him to trials because of mild reactivity? Do you or your dog get too nervous to perform well in front of an audience? Are you or your dog physically challenged? Cyber Rally-O is a new venue for obtaining Rally titles with your dog on your own schedule by uploading videos to YouTube. This class will teach you the basics of successfully following a Cyber Rally-O course as well as the rules of the sport. Once you’re ready, you can schedule a one-hour private session to create a video of you and your dog completing an approved course for submission toward your Cyber Rally-O (CRO) title (not included in the class session fee.)       Cost: $185