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To paraphrase from the website of the International Dog Parkour Association (see below), Dog Parkour is a physical discipline in which dogs move through their environment and conquer obstacles in their path. It includes climbing, balancing, jumping, running, vaulting, creativity and working past fear. It is a challenging, but fun, physical activity in which the dogs learn to interact with their environment. The International Dog Parkour Association offers titling for different levels. Visit their site for more information.​

Prerequisites: Basic obedience or instructor permission, non-reactive dogs only. The desire to have fun with your dog!

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Found on YouTube, this is a compilation of the skills needed for a Novice Parkour Dog Title from the International Dog Parkour Association. Looks like fun!

To learn more about this intriguing sport, please visit

NOT SURE? Try this!
  • Ready, Set, Go! (Finding the right class for your dog) - Not sure which class is right for your dog? What sport would you both enjoy? Try a few different dog sports in just 90 minutes! This is an on-going, one-time class introducing positive reinforcement training and giving an opportunity to try out sports like Rally Obedience, Nose Work Parkour and Agility!   Cost: $50 for 90 minute class

  • Parkour Elements: Urban Agility for Focus, Confidence & Relationship
    Yes, dog parkour is a real thing! Urban agility is a game any dog of any age and physical ability can enjoy. It's great for teaching timid dogs confidence, for helping excitable dogs focus, and an excellent way for young performance dogs to learn the body awareness and control they'll need to excel in competition.

    In this 6 week class you and your dog will gain the foundation skills, trust and confidence that prepare your team for wall rebounds, perching tricks, balancing and other fun and useful abilities you can take anywhere. You as a handler will learn how to look at the landscape with a "parkour eye" to find engaging ways for you and your dog to interact with your environment. You'll never look at your walks around the neighborhood the same way again!              Cost: $185

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