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Nicole Hayes, CPDT-KA

Manner, Nosework


Nicole has been in the dog community since 2016, first with her parents' doodle Sydney, and then with her own shar-pei/cattle dog mix, Hazard. She pairs academic experience from the University of Washington and University of Edinburgh with years of experience volunteering and working in shelters, dog daycares, and dog training facilities.


Academics aside, Nicole really got hooked on training, especially non-traditional and 'problem' breeds, with Hazard, who is sensitive to things nobody else thinks about, prone to getting in over his head, and cannot be lured into doing anything he does not already want to do. Despite these challenges, Nicole is competing Hazard in FCATs and full length CATs, and preparing him to run in Barn Hunt and NACSW Scent Work. Long term goals include rally, agility, and perhaps even competition obedience! Beyond personal fulfilment though, Hazard has taught Nicole patience and problem-solving skills with dogs others consider difficult to train.


Nicole has a MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour & Animal Welfare, and her CPDT-KA.

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