Lise Lausiva

Everyday Skills - Puppy and adult dogs


"I have had a deep love of dogs all my life, starting with my Dad putting me on our family's Rhodesian Ridgeback for a ride when I was two years old. I was hooked!


My passion for dogs grew through years of having my own dogs and learning so many life lessons from them. They were some of the best teachers I've had and changed my life in so many good ways. Their unconditional love and acceptance of me was amazing and humbling.


Thirteen years ago, I started volunteering at several Humane Societies and other animal welfare groups as a dog trainer, dog walker and kennel attendant. Though I know I helped some dogs find happy and loving homes, the experience of seeing so many wonderful dogs' lives end in a shelter affected me deeply and permanently.


After many years of volunteering at animal shelters and dog walking, I chose to leave my career in the corporate world and pursue my passion for dogs full-time. My primary focus is to help owners understand and train their canine companions so they can experience a lifelong relationship based on mutual respect, understanding and trust. To that end, I chose to start Paws Afoot.”


Lise is a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and applies only safe, positive and humane training techniques.