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Kaitlyn Hoffman, CCDT 

Agility, Control Unleashed


Kaitlyn has been helping bridge the communication gap between dogs and owners since 2015, and has dipped her toe in every dog sport she can get a chance at (not kidding - herding, flyball, tracking, nose work, dock diving, disc, treibball, trick dog, rally obedience, just to name a few), but her heart is tied to agility and behavior modification. Kaitlyn believes firmly in the CPDT’s policy of “least intrusive, minimally aversive” training (more info here) and hopes to give every dog owner the abilitiy to work in partnership with their dog, no matter the environment.

Kaitlyn has been working with Eric Sanford at A Savvy Dog Training for several years, and we're thrilled to welcome her to Four Paw!

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