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Jessica Angel 

Manners, Nosework


Jessica moved to Washington in 2012 and immediately considered it her home, in part because of how much the people love dogs! She has always had dogs, from her dad’s duck-hunting Labrador when she was a kid, to her own couch-potato retriever mix she found when going to college for her BS in animal behavior. She loved training good manners and small tricks with them.


It wasn’t until she got her Stabyhoun Finn in 2019 that she really dug into the art and science of personalized dog training. He presented challenges that the typical guides didn’t address, like a lack of food motivation and sensitivity to his own mistakes. Through lots of research and learning to listen to Finn’s feedback, she found joy in the challenge! Now they practice and compete in many activities, and Finn has dozens of titles in sports like Parkour, scent work, Trick Dog, agility, manners, Barn Hunt and Fast CAT already!


Jessica hopes to bring this same teamwork and communication-based training style to other owners and their dogs to help foster joy in training!

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