Rally FrEe & Musical Freestyle


Are you ready to try a new activity with your dog? Try Rally-FrEe!  In this dog sport, you will be building on your dog’s foundation in obedience to teach it additional heeling positions and many of the behaviors found in canine musical freestyle, such as spins, leg weaves, paw lifts, the bow and more.


Rally-FrEe/Musical Freestyle is the ideal class for you if your goals include:

  • teaching your dog tricks and novel behaviors

  • striving for precision in obedience skills

  • wanting to strengthen the working relationship between you and your dog

  • desiring to become adept at using a variety of positive reinforcement training techniques

In our Rally-FrEe/Musical Freestyle classes, you will be using positive reinforcement methods to increase your dog’s enthusiasm for learning and working with you.


If you are looking for an enjoyable and supportive competition experience, be sure to try Rally-FrEe.


The Rally-FrEe course format is similar to rally-obedience. The best part of Rally-FrEe is that you also get to show off your dog’s favorite tricks!

Prerequisites: Basic obedience or instructor permission. The desire to have fun with your dog!


Learn more about this intriguing sport 

Rally-FrEe video channel

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To learn more about this intriguing sport, please visit www.rallyfree.com

Musical Freestyle & Rally FrEe Classes
  • ABC's of Rally FrEe- Come join our 6-week class and start learning the skills to enjoy this fun sport with your dog. Find out how efficient and fun training can be as you expand your training skills while teaching your dog some of the cool unique behaviors used in performance dog sports such as Rally Freestyle Elements (Rally-FrEe.) This class is a great foundation for all dog sports and for trick training.     Cost: $160


  • Rally Freestyle Novice - Expand on the skills learned in the Rally FrEe Prep class, introducing behaviors to prepare you for your Rally FrEe Novice title.     Cost: $160
                                                            Not currently scheduled

  • Intermediate Rally FrEe Elements & Musical Freestyle Combo

    For more fun and challenges, this class will help master Intermediate level Rally Freestyle Elements (Rally-FrEe) exercises. Ideal for those who have worked on basic behaviors found in the Rally-FrEe Novice level and plan to compete in the Intermediate level or just want to continue teaching their dog more advanced behaviors.   This class is offered on a "virtual punch card" system - buy a series of 6 classes that must be used within 3 months.
                                                            Not currently scheduled