Everyday Skills, Fun & Games! 

Our dogs are our companions and friends.  Let's give them the skills they need to be great!

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AKC Canine Good Citizen
  • Canine Good Citizen Prep Class - This CGC certificate is an accomplishment for any dog - family pet, show dogs, or performance dog. If your dog has basic manners (sit, down, stay, recall, can walk by another dog) work on the skills in a way to pass the CGC test! It also provides proof the dog has received some training to make it a good pet. The last class includes the CGC test. Click here to see the list of test items.    Cost: $185 incl test fee

  • Canine Good Citizen Testing - Do you think you can pass the CGC test? Check our schedule for our testing dates!     
    Cost: $20

Manners Classes for puppies & older dogs
  • Puppy Start 'Em Right - Do you have a new puppy?  Learn positive methods to teach your puppy the rules of the road, and the skills necessary to have a happy household.  Rolling enrollment means you can join at any time.  Class occurs once a week (6 weeks in a row), beginning with the orientation class without your puppy for the first week.  Puppy must be under 16 weeks when they attend their first class, and have at least their first set of shots & a negative fecal test (please bring copy to show trainer.)    
    Cost: $160 - includes a clicker with wrist strap


  • Puppy's Next Steps - Ideal for graduates of Start 'Em Right, or any puppy aged 14 to 24 weeks at the start of class who wants basic skills all puppies need to know. Learn the techniques of clicker training/positive reinforcement to teach your pup sit, down, wait, and walking on leash while developing focus, attention and impulse control. Ample time to address any questions as well as some free-play time for the pups.   Cost: $160  - includes a clicker with wrist strap

  • Learning the Basics - Working in partnership with you, we'll teach your 6-month or older dog basic skills such as sit, down, stand, stay, leash walking and more.   Cost: $160  - includes a clicker with wrist strap

  • Beyond the Back Yard - Based on a program by Denise Fenzi, focus on expanding those skills they do nicely (with no distractions!) into settings that challenge your dog and help you navigate the real world in everyday life.  Right for you?   Cost: $180


  • 'Tweeners Experience - Done with puppy class, but not quite ready for adult manners? Or is your shy adult dog looking to gain some confidence? This relationship building 6-week class is all about fun, focus, and new experiences! Learn the beginnings of "shaping" behaviors, which means teaching your dog in very small steps. This class will be all on-leash.  Right for you?   Cost: $160

  • Wild Thing! - Does your dog have so much energy they seem like they might explode? Excited, joyful dogs can be tough to handle. Begin to understand your dog, how they learn, & what motivates them. The 6-week class includes impulse control, recall and engagement games. (Not for reactive dogs)  
    Cost: $185


  • Tenacious Teens - All dogs go through a trying adolescent period where their choices aren’t always what we’d like. This class will help bridge that gap between puppy and adult and put you back on the same page! For dogs 16 wks and over, all on-leash.  (Not for reactive dogs)  
    Cost: $160

  • Puppy Play & Learn -  forty-minute play time for puppies 8 to 20 weeks will help your pup develop appropriate social skills and will teach you about canine body language so you can be your dog's best advocate. Play is broken into short sessions interspersed with opportunities to practice critical puppy skills like how to calm down around other dogs, accepting handling from new people, and impulse control.
    Most Sundays 4:30 & Mondays 6 pm. Cost: $15

Get a 6 session virtual punch card for $72

That's $12/session!  Note: Punches not used before your puppy turns 20 wks old will be forfeited



NOTE: Puppies must have age-appropriate vaccinations with at least the first set of DHLPP shots and negative fecal test- please bring a copy to show. Because socialization is so time-sensitive, we recommend beginning puppy classes as early as possible rather than

waiting until the whole series of vaccinations are complete. 

(See AVSAB Position Statement here.)  

Please, to keep our puppies safe and healthy, do not bring your puppy if you take them to off-leash dog parks or daycare.​

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Fun & Games
  • Tricks For Treats! - Teaching your dogs tricks is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog, build confidence in timid or shy dogs, or just make you and others smile. And, an amazing side benefit is that the more you teach your dog the quicker they learn, because your teaching skills improve as does your dog’s ability to understand the training game and how to learn.    Cost: $160

  • PLAY WITH ME!! - A dog with a "job" is happier, healthier, and better behaved - even if that job is simply doing a few tricks and showing off some basic behaviors. This class is for all ages, and teaches you games to play with your dog that promote skills, impulse control, and focus. Grow your relationship with your dog by playing with him in a way that stimulates his body, mind, and emotions, and helps him to develop the focus that is critical for Agility, Obedience, or everyday life.  This class is not for dogs who are afraid or stressed in their crate or leash reactive. It is a Basic training and introductory course for dogs of all ages.   8 weeks and up!              Cost: $160

  • Total Recall! - This 5-week class for dogs of all ages will work on the skill that every dog owner wants in their toolbox - coming when called!  We will start with simple recalls short distance, low distance to long distance with high distractions. Learn how to make yourself so valuable to your dog that they choose you over their environment.  This class will be tailored as much as possible to the individual needs of students, with emphasis on building a bond with your dog that makes them want to return to you!      Cost: $155