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Eric Sanford

Agility, Control Unleashed, Reactive Rover


As of November 2022, Eric has decided to start a new adventure in his life - A Savvy Dog Ranch in Beaver Creek Oregon! While we are sad to lose him here on a regular basis, he has agreed to offer workshops for things are near and dear to his heart. We are starting with Reactive Dog Workshops, and may add others as they come up! We wish him the best, and will post a link here to his facility once it's up and running.

Eric grew up in Randle, WA with horses, cows, pigs, chickens, cats and, of course, dogs.


His love of training blossomed when he adopted his border collie/yellow lab mix Savannah. Her enthusiasm and drive pushed them into the world of dog agility where they have been competing now for years. The two have run competitively in CPE, NADAC, and most recently, AKC; winning blue ribbon after blue ribbon, title after title.


Eric is fortunate to have had the guidance of one of the best agility instructors in the northwest. In addition, he has learned from and worked with multiple top animal behaviorists and trainers; all combining to accomplish the newest methods and most successful paths of using positive reinforcement to support many aspects of dog training.


No matter the class, watch the bond grow between you and your dog.

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