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Disc Dog


Throw, Fetch....Repeat!

Does your canine enjoy chasing and catching frisbee discs? Want to learn specific disc throwing mechanics to improve your throwing accuracy and distance? Disc Dog is a canine sport that branches off into competitive dog sport league games like Toss & Fetch, UpDog games, and disc dog freestyle. Get a taste of the disc dog world in our Launching into Disc Dog class to learn fundamental disc throwing techniques, approaches for disc tracking, building disc drive with your dog, rewarding a complete fetch, and a player introduction to various disc dog game rules and strategies. 


This class is appropriate for any physically fit canine and has an existing toy or play drive. The content of the class will be at the novice level but more experienced teams are welcome.

Disc Dog
  • Launch Into Disc Dog - This 6-week class introduces you and your dog to Disc Dog, and the skills that you'll need to succeed!          Not currently offered

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