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Catherine Brueckner, BA, CCS (she/her)

Manners, Behavior Modification


I received my training certification through the Northwest School of Canine Studies under the leadership of Cristine Dahl, who is a graduate of Jean Donaldson’s esteemed Academy for Dog Trainers. I adhere strictly to the CCPDT’s principle of utilizing a least intrusive, minimally aversive approach to training. Not only because I don’t believe in harming animals to teach them from an ethical standpoint, but also because I do not believe there is any efficacy in doing so either. A punished dog is a fearful dog and a fearful dog is far more likely to develop anxiety and unpredictable behavior, the very things underpinning the problems we seek to address through behavior modification.

I believe in a three-pronged approach to training and behavior modification that involves managing a dog’s environment to set them up for success, finding outlets for drive behaviors so that a dog is both physically and mentally stimulated with learning opportunities and enrichment activities, and clear owner leadership–I help you understand how your dog learns and processes information so that communication between you and your dog is clear and consistent. I not only want you to understand what we do to train or modify a behavior but to empower you by helping you understand why we do it and why it works.

I am so thrilled to be a part of the team at Four Paw Sports Center as every dog can benefit from the wide array of sports and activities offered here. I offer private training and behavior modification through my personal business, Whole Dog LLC. My goal with private training sessions is always to hand you the reins as efficiently as possible so that you know what to do when new behaviors crop up after our sessions together have ended. I am there to train your dog but also to educate, motivate and support you in reaching training goals.

I believe strongly in the importance of continuing education in the field of dog training and routinely seek out opportunities to learn and advance my skills from attending conferences and workshops to regularly checking in with a team of mentors and colleagues in the field.

I am also extremely proud to be a member of the team at Eastside Veterinary Associates in Kirkland. EVA is a patient-centered veterinary practice that sets the bar when it comes to patient handling techniques and comprehensive care.

I look forward to working with you and your dog to build strong communication and a bond that lasts a lifetime!

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