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Conformation or Showmanship

We don't leave out conformation!  When we can, we offer a comprehensive class for beginners covering the art of showing their dogs in Conformation.  We've got some great new offerings, all about using positive training methods to have both you and your dog enjoy the ring together.


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Handling Practice
  • Handling Practice

More experienced? Just need some practice? Or are you a first-timer? Try our weekly practice! Bring your dog and any equipment you have questions about. This class is offered weekly on Tuesdays - come any week(s) you like! However, you must sign-up in advance for one of the spots, which are now limited to 10. Use the See Schedule green button below.

We're thrilled to have Marian Sweeney of Around The Ring joining Four Paw. She's been doing these classes all around the area, and now she's with us!


This is a working practice where there is instruction as well as work on specific training issues for show dogs.


    Cost: $15/handler

         Or, buy a 6 session virtual punch card for $12/session!

           Note: Sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase

Handling Classes

Conformation Showing 101

This 3-week clinic includes the following topics:

  • Definitions - learn what some of the weird terms mean!

  • Show entry - registering, entering, selecting the appropriate class(es)

  • Format of a show event - when is it your turn, order of operations, ring procedures

  • How to interpret your breed's standard and assess your own dog's traits

  • How to present your dog

    • What should you wear?

    • What grooming needs are required/allowed?

    • Choosing a collar/leash for showing

    • Stacking and judges exam - including being examined and showing their bite (teeth)

  • Points and titling requirements in different venues

​                 Cost:  $145

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