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Cherie Ekholm, UW-AAB

Using TTouch for Conformation, Conformation Handling


Cherie grew up in the Spokane area with a variety of dogs, but wasn’t until she adopted her first Bichon Frisé in 1992 that she took a training class, and was hooked from then on. In 2003, she adopted Sam, a very fearful Bichon, and really dove into learning about training, animal behavior, body language, and Tellington TTouch.


In 2010, Méliès, then a 13 week old puppy, joined the family and Cherie was sucked into the world of conformation showing. She teamed with Méliè’s breeder and a friend to show him to his Canadian championship and halfway to his US goal. Along the way, he also earned IABCA championships and the CGN, which is the Canadian equivalent of the Canine Good Neighbor title.  


Since then, Cherie has been helping out at shows for friends in the US and Canada (and even a couple in the UK), studying animal behavior, and finishing her certification courses for TTouch. She just brought 2 Bichon show potential puppies back from England, and is enjoying the challenge of raising one while watching her friends in BC raise the other.



UW-AAB – certificate from the University of Washington Applied Animal Behavior course

Tellington TTouch Practitioner I

Certificate of Excellence – Living and Learning with Animals (Dr. Susan Friedman course)

Pet Professional Guild Member

Tellington Touch Guild Member

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