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Alexis Brinkley, CCS



Alexis grew up with dogs and from a young age she always knew she wanted to work with them as a career. At the age of just eight years old, she was training basic obedience and tricks to her two rescued Chihuahuas, and now is trialing her dog Molly (a hound mix) in multiple sports. She has learned from some of the best positive reinforcement trainers in Washington State.  


Alexis loves to help find ways to satisfy the individual dog's needs, whatever the sport, and excels at teaching humans how to provide enrichment to dogs and puppies alike.


She just completed a rigorous positive reinforcement based behavior modification course, earning a certification in canine studies (CCS) throught the Northwest School of Canine Studies, and is pursuing a second certification through the School of Canine Science out of the UK.

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