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Agility is a wonderful way to become a team with your dog. While learning how to guide your dog through an agility course made up of jumps and tunnels, and building up to a teeter, A-Frame, dog walk and weave poles, you and your dog learn to work together! Either just for fun or to use your skills in competition, this is a great way to give your dog a job and build confidence. There are many venues that offer agility trials - visit our Resources page to learn about them. Visit a trial, and see how much fun people are having! We offer classes throughout the week, as well as practice times - both individual private and drop-in.

At 5 1/2 months old, our instructor Alisa has her dog Dusty able to navigate basic equipment. Note: Dogs should not be trained to jump until growth plates are set. Great care was used to ensure Dusty was safe. But this gives an idea of what can be possible when working as a team!

New to Agility?
  • Focus Towards Agility - This one-time hour-long class introduces dog and handler to basic exercises essential to building the bond with your dog. Includes focus exercises, learning to play interactive games with your dog, and building the basic learning relationship. Some level of basic manners with your dog - sit, stay, come - is needed to succeed in this class. This is a pre-requisite (or instructor approval) for other classes, includes clicker with wrist coil. Note: our current schedule offers this class regularly on weekdays. If this is not possible, please just email us to arrange another time on an evening or weekend as our schedule permits.   Cost: $35


  • Fundamentals & Beyond - Whether you're new to agility or have the basics and want to improve, this 6-week session is for you! Dogs work one at a time, allowing handlers to focus on the information and examples of other students. Because of this format, there will be a broader range of skills within the class - great to learn from watching others.     Cost: $185

  • Teacup Agility Basics & Beyond - Is your dog 20" or shorter? Teacup Agility uses smaller obstacles and distances. Come learn all about it - you'll find challenges in Teacup different from "big" dog agility. If you've never run agility, Teacup can be a great place to start!  
    Cost: $185

  • Intro to Agility for Dogs & Puppies - Designed to introduce dogs and puppies over 10 months old to basic agility skills including focusing and introduction to obstacles. Class is usually run with most dogs out on-leash learning the obstacles. As dogs learn to focus and work with their handler, they are introduced to jumps, tunnels, A-Frames, teeters, and open weave poles. To keep puppies under about 1 year safe & healthy, we work carefully at a level to not damage their growth.   Cost: $185

  • Puppy Agility - Do you have a puppy under a year old? While puppies are welcome in our regular agility classes, we are careful to not stress growing joints. This class will teach your puppy the basics of agility (tunnels, open weave poles, going between jump uprights with no bar) and build that relationship so you're ready to go!  Cost: $185

Had some instruction? Attending Trials?
  • Fundamentals & Beyond - Want to improve your basics? This 6-week session is for you! Dogs are worked one at a time, allowing handlers to focus on information and examples of other students. This format allows a broader range of skills within the class - great to learn as well as brush up on the basics.  Cost: $185

  • Intermediate/Advanced Agility - Ready to trial This 6-week session is for the dog-handler team either competing or are ready for competition. Classes may include full course work, or drills designed to present a challenge and break down various approaches. Improve your course strategy and work longer sequences. Discussion of various trialing venues and what's a good fit for you and your dog.    Cost: $185

  • Distance Foundations for Agility - Do you struggle to keep up with your fast Agility dog when they’re running on the course? Do you want to be able to direct your dog to perform Agility obstacles, change direction, and focus on you at a distance? Do you want to improve your performance at Agility trials? If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes!” then this class is for you.   Cost: $185


  • Weave Pole & Teeter Foundations for Agility - Does your dog do fabulously on most obstacles, but struggles with the weave poles and/or the teeter? This class teaches you and your dog how to crack the code on these most challenging obstacles, and have success on the entire course   Cost: $185

Interested in Private Lessons?

We offer private lessons - for convenience, for reactivity, or whatever!

Click here to find out more and arrange for a time.

NOT SURE? Try this!
  • Ready, Set, Go! (Finding the right class for your dog) - Not sure which class is right for your dog? What sport would you both enjoy? Try a few different dog sports in just 90 minutes! This is an on-going, one-time class introducing positive reinforcement training and giving an opportunity to try out sports like Rally Obedience, Nose Work Parkour and Agility!   Cost: $50 for 90 minute class

Practice Times
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